Thursday, September 30, 2010

Report from Practice

I hate to bump the excellent Ron Hainsey post below, but couldn't leave our readers without a report from today's practice.

Coach Ramsay emphasized offense on the after the Thrashers posted three goals in a losing effort to the visiting Nashville Predators.

After warming up, the team began with a drill intercepting passes coming out of the offensive zone then driving back in and getting off a quick shot from above the faceoff circles. That was followed by drills cycling the puck up high between a point man and winger, then two man breaks against the goalies, one on one drills, and finally three on two end to end drills.

Dustin Byfuglien did not skate and Chris Vivlamore attributed that to an ankle injury he is still nursing. Jimmy Slater once again skated but did not take part in drills.

Interesting line combinations today included Burmistrov skating with the bruisers between Thorburn and Eager, a Swedistan line with Antropov, Modin, and Petterson, and a speedy line of Peverly between Kane and Stewart.

With Slater and Cormier still on the sidelines, might we see Burmistrov get a little taste of the NHL, playing five or six minutes a night for the first few games before being sent back to Junior to gain muscle and experience?


Mr. Speaker said...

Those were the lines he used last nite...nothing new there. Not sure why he isn't putting his real lines together by now or did I wake up at the beginning of the week again instead of Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Fact: Ron Hainsey hates getting bumped for practice reports :)

Ron Hainsey said...

Thank you for posting this important dispatch. I will be subscribing to your newsletter and reading you in greater depth in the future. Peace be with you and may God bless all our brave practice reporters.

Ron Hainsey said...


Just so you know, I am very experienced in the realm of "one on one drills." If you're interested in setting up an interview, I'm willing to talk about it in depth and give you more information.

Anonymous said...

lol, I did not write those! ^ ^

Razor Catch Prey said...

Ron- Sorry, I am holding out to discuss 2 on 1 drills with the Blue Crew.

Cliff Bogosian said...

In the future, please let all facts about my hero Tom Hainsey remain atop the Chronicle. No one cares about practice.