Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy 200th, Mexico! Only a Matter of Time Until You Get NHL Teams

Just HOW did the Chronicle forget to mention that Mexico---or at least its Estados Unidos Mexicanos incarnation---celebrated its bicentennial this week? Cheers, Mexicans! It's been a wild 200 years, and things are as crazy now as they've ever been.

It's no secret that your TBC editor wants the NHL to expand into Latin America, to further piss off hockey geography purists. Obviously, this will begin with Mexico. My ultimate dream is to one day own the Oaxaca Walruses and commute between Mexico and the U.S. and Canada on the supersonic North American Union railway.

Let's celebrate with some musical videos about Mexico. Your editor regrets that he's not exactly up on Mexican music, so here's two American bands and one British band, all of them doing strange things south of the border.

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