Monday, September 13, 2010

Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

We here at the Chronicle illegally wiretapped Rick Dudley's trade phone earlier this summer and are busy combing through all of the chatter to find juicy tidbits to share with all of you.

Today we discovered this exchange between Duds and Glen Sather discussing the Todd White deal:

RD: Hey Slats, I've got an idea. How would you like to take Todd White off my hands?

GS: Todd White? Did he ever win a Cup with the Avalanche or make way more money than he's worth?

RD: Well we paid him almost two and a half million dollars last year and he only scored seven goals.

GS: Hmm, I don't know. I would usually pay a guy at least four million for that kind of production. What the hell, I'll take him.

RD: Great! Let's talk about what you're going to send back my way. Got any 30 year old third line talent who doesn't score goals?

GS: How about Patrick Rissmiller? He's only scored 18 goals in 182 games.

RD: Perfect. But I'm going to need a little more. What else have you got for me?

GS: I've got a black hockey player. I hear you're trying to get as many as you can.


GS: It's Donald Brashear.

RD: F*&%!

GS: No take backs!

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