Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Game Day: Predators

The Thrashers play the second of a home and home with the Predators tonight at Philips Arena.

According to the official website, the roster will feature mostly players who are a lock to make the NHL squad, plus a few scrappers hoping to break in:


With Jimmy Slater and Patrice Cormier still on the sidelines, I expect Petterson, Dawes, and Stewart to be wearing the blue on October 8th. Once Jimmy and Cormier come back, Dawes and probably Stewart will make their way to either the press box or to the AHL.

Kulda and Meyer are fighting for the honor of eating free popcorn in the press box while watching Buff, Bogo, Toby, Oduya, Hainsey, and Sopel man the blueline. While I think Kulda is a better player, I would prefer to have him racking up ice time in Chicago than sitting idle in the rafters of Philips.

Boris is still here, but will be sitting this game out. I am not sure that any of us who watched him earlier in the preseason really need to take another look before sending him packing.


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Anonymous said...

I have to say....the picture chosen for this post is quite humorous and topical! Nice.

Razor Catch Prey said...

Saw a blurb about the Islanders looking to trade for a defenseman, so I started thinking, "hey, we've got some extra guys on the blueline and we need a forward who can score!"

Then I looked at the Islanders' roster. Outside Tavares and Okposo (who is out until December) and Moulson (who has only played one full NHL season so hasn't proven himself), they've got absolutely NOTHING to trade back our way.

So much for that idea.

h said...

I'd take Comeau if he were available, otherwise not much else other than your three.

Big Shooter said...

This picture made me laugh out loud. GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT!!!!!

Jay said...

The Islanders have draft picks to trade.

Razor Catch Prey said...

Jay- you're right, and I would gladly take a seventh round draft pick in exchange for Boris. But it would be nice to turn some of our assets into someone who can score goals for us this year.