Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More Cuts

From Vivlamore: "@ajcthrashers Thrashers release six more players: Esposito, Forney, Paquette, Ross, Postma and Siklenka. Also Deveaux and McLaren released from pro tryout"

We know McLaren left the ice early yesterday during practice. He looked to be doing fine to me in the little bit I got to watch of drills. Perhaps he re-injured himself and the team decided he wasn't worth the risk. Esposito has been sidelined with a hip injury, but his knee appeared to be working fine during rookie camp.

Like I said in the comments section below, Paquette showed potential last night but has a ways to go. No surprise to see him head to Chicago.

Postma's early departure (without even making it into a preseason game) is a bit surprising considering how high many are on his potential.


h said...

who got cut before? I must have missed the annoucement....

h said...

strike that. I found it.