Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dawes to Dally in the ATL?

"Nigel Dawes," you may be surprised to learn, is not a British Member of Parliament. He is, in fact, an actual hockey player. A young one at that, one who used to play for the New York Rangers and the Calgary Flames. As far as I remember, he was one of those young guys who showed early promise but hasn't quite delivered yet.

According to a recent Twitter dispatch from Andy Strickland, he's in talks with the Atlanta Thrashers and should sign sometime soon.

We don't know what to make of this, so here's Bugs Bunny and a gremlin:

UDATE: And it's official.


Mr. Speaker said...

LOLerz...I may have to resurrect the bunny with a pancake on its head for such occasions as these.

However, I do think Nigel would be a great addition to our 4th line and a swell PK to boot! Thorburn, be afraid, very afraid.

Shooter should go away more often as lots of interesting things happen in his absence. Although I heard he was savaged by some pissed off Dolphins who purpoirt to be rabid Lightning fans.

Jay said...

Thorburn? But then who's scoring our goals?

h said...

Dawes Thorburn and Slater on the 4th line...I actually would love that as you can then use the 4th line on the PK a ton and not screw up the other 3 lines too much. and although I don't think Thorbs can score 20 goals, all 3 of these guys "could" score 10 or more. Still have to figure out that Bergie situation but really sounds like he will either give in to the dark side of the Dudley force or get traded. We really need to make a move and bring in one more top 6 guy. I like a 3rd line of Buff, Ladd and Burmy...2nd line of Kane, Pevs and Modin, and a first line of Antro, Litts and.....and....Zajac? Dare to dream I guess.

GoPuckYourself said...

Dawes for a 2-way deal is not a bad deal at all. Is he a star in the making? Most likely not. However, I'd rather that we only had Dawes or Modin and not both on this roster. It's not a huge amount of money wasted, but that money could've gone to fill a greater need such as...say that TOP 6 GOAL SCORER WE DON'T HAVE?!? Or does Chris Mason score goals too? Will John Kincade be on the PP 2nd unit now that he's back in Blueland?

Any optimism I had over Bergfors last year is gone now...and I think he will be too. The saying "no news is good news" doesn't work when you're a few weeks from training camp. Maybe we can fly Brad Childress to see Bergfors to broker a deal for us on a private jet? Can Rex Ryan fly in and drop an F-bomb laden symphony of persuasion on the Swede? It seems to have worked before with diva athletes on multiple occasions...and athletes who are making significantly more money as well.

What a mess.