Sunday, March 9, 2008

Town Hall Thoughts

I see Morty has put me on the spot yet again for a post about the Town Hall meeting. If you were unable to go you can see pretty much what happened in the various blogs and messageboards. Holland over at the Chicken was pretty accurate describing all the details. I guess I'll now add my two cents worth:

It's no secret that I'm a Don Waddell fan. It's also no secret that I'm not a huge Atlanta Spirit fan (don't hate them, but I think there is room for improvement). With that said, I've always liked Bruce Levenson. It appears that many were unimpressed with him at the meeting. I've always had a different point of view than most. It looks like that is the case again. I've read people thought Bruce was a "dick" or "politically incorrect" when he called out one of the fans for being a smart ass. Many thought that was a bad move. To me it was the best thing that happened at the meeting! Too many people these days are politically correct (as reason for my friendship with Morty, see his earlier post!). There are plenty of Season Ticket Holders that think they should have a hotline to all the owners and can say WHATEVER they want to them. If you are constructive in your criticism of the owners or the Thrashers it will be well received and you will be respected. If you just shout out nonsense in a rude tone you deserve to be either ignored, or called out as a smart ass by one of our owners in front of everyone.

On the ticket prices, I was surprised it took so long for it to be brought up. For the record, I'm fine with the price increase. People yap about the product on the ice. They are working on it! If they could predict where we would finish in the standings maybe they would adjust the ticket prices, but that is impossible. Stop bitching about the increase. There has been a lot of talk about the guy buying a $85 ticket on the glass in Boston where as Atlanta it is $125. Atlanta has one of the lowest AVERAGE ticket prices in the league. You will always be able to find tickets in one section or another that are cheaper somewhere else. Quit focusing on one case and take a look at the entire situation. It's not that bad. And if $2 extra a game is going to break the bank for you, maybe you shouldn't have tickets to begin with.

Let's take a moment to realize that all of us, the owners, GM, fans, team...everyone is after the same thing... a Stanley Cup. I know I have made some negative comments above about some of my fellow STH, but just the ones that don't have the ability to express their differences in a constructive manor. Bruce Levenson is generally very accessible, and I believe, he really cares what the fans think. If he wants to call someone a smart ass for being a smart ass, hey I think that's fair. Try to keep the bickering to a minimum. We have a very important offseason ahead of us and we should focus on that.

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