Friday, March 28, 2008

An Atlanta-Based Organization Far, Far Worse than the Thrashers

The AJC creamed itself a few days ago over this new in-flight safety video from Delta Air Lines:

I don't really get what's so sexy or alluring about the chick in the video. Nice lips, I suppose, but is the finger-wagging really that amazing? I reckon anything that makes people pay attention to safety is a good thing, maybe, possibly. I mean, is there anyone currently alive on the planet Earth who doesn't already know what to do with their tray tables and electronics and seat-belts and oxygen masks? But I digress.

The point of this post, and the magisterial connecting thread that leads this discussion back to hockey, is that you should be glad, reader, that even with all the turmoil and dysfunction in the Thrashers organization, it's still better run than Delta Air Lines. I'm not even talking about bankruptcy (the only time the Thrashers could be said to have been totally bankrupt in quality was at the very beginning, pre-Kovy); I simply mean that the Thrashers have no equivalent to ludicrously overpriced uncomfortable seats (the seats in Philips are reasonably comfortable, I think), hideous food, aesthetically dreary cabins, and an equally dreary flight crew that bangs your elbows with the lunch cart and disrupts your painstakingly-achieved airplane nap to ask you if you want their shitty coffee.

I mean, really: Zhitnik isn't great, but he's not as bad as Delta. You may hate Waddell, or Levenson, or both, but they can't compare to the average domestic Delta flight. Which leads me to a final thought experiment: what if the Atlanta Spirit were recycled and turned into a Delta plane?

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Mortimer Peacock said...

Actually I have second thoughts. Several parts of the video are unintentionally hilarious, like when the dude looks up worriedly when the plane hits "unexpected rough air." And the life-vest dude, what a legend.