Monday, March 24, 2008

Thoughts on Comrade Valabik

It's late and I have to work tomorrow. But this shit can't wait.

I really don't understand what everyone is complaining about vis-a-vis Boris Valabik. I thought he was immense in that last game against the Caps; he fights and pushes and he's the size of a mastodon. I think he might well be a fine addition for next year. He'll need some serious preparation and conditioning given the disparity in style between the Thrashers and the Wolves, but I think this summer should be enough time to prepare, even if he joins the Wolves in their run for the Calder Cup. I like you Boris. Come and stay a while. Wreck a guy or two...

Thought experiment: what if we sign Jason Smith and he and Valabik play on a line together next year?

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