Monday, March 24, 2008

The Best Analysis of the Thrashers' Problems So Far

Slava Kozlov is a wise man.

From Custance's blog:

When the team is going well, the whole team deserves the accomplishment. When things don’t go well, I think the whole team is in the basement, the whole team deserves punishment. I don’t agree it’s the veterans or it’s the rookies. In this team, we have lots of depth but we need to improve defense, offense and even goalie. Last year, the reason we were in the playoffs was the goalies played unbelievable the whole season. This year, it was good games, bad games, like everybody else on the team. You can blame the veterans, but it’s a package.

This team needs a foundation, defensively - like a [Zdeno] Chara or [Nicklas] Lidstrom. Good teams, they have one or two very good defensemen who can play 30-35 [minutes per game]. Like [Chris] Pronger on Anaheim - one of those guys. They’re hard to find, but that’s what we need. With our goalie, he can win a game by himself, but we have to help them. We can’t let the other team shoot 40-45 times.


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