Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

...And in other news, my favorite hockey team still sucks. I'm pleased, however, that the Czar is bearing down on fifty goals this season; let's hope he breaks his (and the Thrashers franchise's) record of 52, and that he maybe even catches up with his hang-browed caveman compatriot and friend.

Speaking of Alex O., the editors of the Blueland Chronicle were in Washington D.C. this past weekend to watch the Thrashers lose to the Capitals. Seeing Ovechkin from a mere eight rows away was a delight.

Not as big a delight as Kovalchuk's hat trick against the Calgary Flames last Thursday evening, though. That was a moment of sheer joy, classic Kovy. I think I can say with some accuracy that that moment was the happiest I've ever been at a hockey game, possibly excepting that time we clinched the division at the end of last season.

Both the Czar and the Czarevitch are roughly my age (Kovy a few months older than me, Ovie a few younger); watching them makes me wonder what the hell I'm contributing to this world. I mean, has the Blueland Chronicle ever brought the joy to a reader's heart that Kovalchuk's hat trick brought to mine? Sigh. It IS Saint Patrick's Day after all; to Jameson's then...

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