Wednesday, March 5, 2008


So who's going to win tonight? The Canes? The Thrashers? Does it matter? I think we can safely bet that the Thrashers won't be making it to the playoffs this year, which is supremely depressing but something I suppose I'll have to live with.

I guess that maybe, MAYBE they could pull off some kind of miracle winning streak at the end of the season (and--all-important detail--that the Canes, Caps, and Panthers will stall), I'm not getting my fragile hopes up. The Thrashers HAVE played reasonably well since the Hossa trade; I mean, our losses lately have been in overtime. If we want to keep that dying-glimmer-of-hope "Oh jeez we might come out of nowhere and triumph" thing going, we'll have to win in regulation tonight, of course. I wonder whether it isn't better if the team just tanked though. We DO, as people on the Thrashers message boards and Custance's comments boxes keep saying, desperately need some solid defense. But I don't think that's all, really. Like Grand Shooteur says all kinds of different elements need to be in place for a) a great acquisition that might help our defense or depth, and b) a bloody playoff-contending team!

The Thrashers actually have plenty of talent. What they don't have is bulk. You want to protect Kari and Moose? That requires more than Toby Enstrom's glittering talent; you need hulking, stupid, ox-like goonery, not just measly talent. Anyway, we shall stay tuned and see what happens tonight, for the rest of the season, and throughout the summer as important decisions are made as to who stays and who goes (including Don Waddell). And I hope you'll keep it tuned to the Blueland Chronicle the entire time, naturally.

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Big Shooter said...

Protect Kari and Moose eh? How about some guy by the name of JASON SMITH to knock down the bodies in front of the net!!!!

SIGN JASON SMITH!! I will not stop my JASON SMITH campaign. It will go on as long as Mike Huckabee's did. Now if I can just figure out how to get Chuck Norris on my side...