Sunday, March 9, 2008

Memo to the Young Fellow Who Doesn't Like Kari Lehtonen

Disclaimer: If you're bored by public mea culpas, please skip to the next post. 

Now then. Graham Greene once wrote--and I paraphrase--that people with literary aspirations commonly have a splinter of ice in their hearts. Meaning that they'll sacrifice anything in the way of decency for a halfway vivid or memorable line. In my last post I described a few details of the annual season ticket holders' town hall meeting with Don Waddell and Bruce Levinson. In my zeal for capturing the local color, so to speak, of the event, I described some kid who asked a question about Kari Lehtonen as "a rotund kid with a lisp." The Falconer has raised the possibility that the young fellow might be at least partially deaf and thus speaks kind of funny. 

Mr. Partially Deaf Rotund Kid With a Lisp: My propensity to overlook decency in the hope of writing a memorable line is a moral fault. If you're reading right now (which I suspect you're not; who the hell does read this blog?) shoot me an email and I'll send you my address. After that you come to my apartment and punch me in the face. And then break a wooden chair over my head. We can even arrange to do this in a public place; I promise I shan't press charges. 



The Falconer said...

LOL--really putting yourself out there for the slings and arrows eh? Bravo.

Tiffany said...

Oh who cares. The basest element of hockey is talking shit, and really, call a spade a spade. Then again, I'm as far from politically correct as one can get.

And I read your blog :p