Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Czar Returned, But Couldn't Conquer All

This is my first post on The Blueland Chronicle. For those of you who are not too keen on the French or Les Quebecois, know that my name comes from my previous blog which was mainly a music blog, and my name comes from a song. So to get that out of the way......

Tonight was an odd night to start off with. The Thrasher heads weren't completely down to breathe fire upon Blueland. Arena Announcer Steve was not in the house. I arrived just in time for the game to begin, and I didn't have a pre-game beverage in the CNN Center. The game was a good one on the whole I thought. The boys played hard. They were tough on the attack end. Nitty was letting a good deal of rebounds out, and the boys scrambled to get to them. There were some chances that got taken from us like when Slater and Hossa almost got a goal, but the post was not in our favor. Kovy returned, and I was pleased of course to see him out. I was then overjoyed when he scored, truly a wonderful human being. Yet, in the end, we fell. It felt like we were finally going to shoot the Flyers down, but tonight was not that night.

Going into this game I told Mortimer Peacock that we must not take penalties. Sure enough, we did, and they took their toll on us. You cannot take penalties to the team with the 2nd best power play in the NHL. It is just not a good idea. Philly showed they certainly earned that 2nd place power play with scoring on two power plays out of their first five. The boys need to learn from what they did in Washington against the Caps. They did not take stupid penalties, and we were glorious.

Then there was another thing tonight that just felt bad. Big T and I were talking about it a good bit during the game. The refs just seemed like cruel extensions of hockey gods' hands tonight. Even Don Waddell got very upset at some of the calls, two in particular.

We are still tied for first in the Southeast Division with the Canes, but we barely hold this tie. The Caps and Florida both won and are gaining ground. We need to take Vancouver down Thursday. It's hard for me to say that considering I personally have quite an affection to the Canucks, but we must take them down. And WE CAN!


Big Shooter said...

Welcome Frenchy!

Tiffany said...

Hi new guy!

How the hell can we play a hockey game without over-enunciating Announcer Steve? Rubbish! No wonder we lost :(