Monday, February 25, 2008

4 Hours and Counting...

Here we go kids. Be sure to buckle up! Mats Sundin has stated he will not wave his no trade, so he will remain a Leaf. This leaves Hossa as the only big name on the market (that we know of) that is for sure to be moved at the deadline. I can't say it any better than Bob McKenzie of TSN, so here is what he has to say:

"As part of the fallout from the Sundin decision, I expect to see some action sooner rather than later. The happiest guy in the world has to be Thrashers' GM Don Waddell. He's sitting there with Marian Hossa whom he has every intention of trading before Tuesday's deadline and this will likely accelerate the process. A lot of the teams who were interested in Hossa were also interested in Sundin, but they were likely holding back and waiting to see what the Sundin deal was going to bring and how much it would cost to get Sundin as opposed to Hossa.
Montreal and Ottawa appear to be the two front-runners for Marian Hossa's services and there is every reason to believe that this is a trade that could go down as early as Monday as opposed to Tuesday. Waddell had an extended stay in Toronto after the Thrashers' played the Maple Leafs last Saturday. He watched the Hamilton Bulldogs play the Toronto Marlies in an AHL game as he attempted to size up some of the Habs' prospects."

People give Don Waddell a hard time, but you can't dispute most of his trades. In my opinion, that is his strongest aspect as a GM. I have every confidence that he will make the right deal.

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