Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Team of Ghosts

That's what the Thrashers are at the moment. Our defense is insubstantial in both senses of the word: we let every single player from the Canes, or any opposing team, skate clean past our "defense" and pretty much offer them the net in the hope that our goaltender will get us through. We never attack the opposing offense's bodies; we just stare at the puck being passed, heads clicking back and forth like tennis spectators, and wait for someone to shoot the puck into Kari's glove. Which, of course, can't ALWAYS happen.

Meanwhile, our offense didn't pick up the whole "To Score a Goal You Must Shoot the Puck" concept when they were in hockey school.

Toby Enstrom is a skilled defenseman, but his sly and subtle finesse isn't always what's needed against a solid offense. We always need a big, aggressive thug to hit somebody. Which brings me to our other Achilles heel (this team has at least four heels): lack of passion. Sometimes it appears we just show up to the arena knowing we're going to lose, resolved to lose in fact, and not giving a fuck. In some games it seems like we have no drive, no aggression, no energy or life. Jesus H. Christ guys, show some grit! PUNCH SOMEONE IN THE MOUTH!!!

Message from the Blueland Chronicle to the Thrashers:

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