Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Pre-Game Hopes and Fears, 02-05-08

Isn't it fitting that on Super Tuesday we're playing the Philadelphia Flyers? How so, you ask? Philadelphia being the cradle of our democracy and such, Independence Hall and the Founding Fathers and all that...we would probably have never been granted the right to get up early to drive to the polling stations before work if the signers of the Declaration of Independence didn't have Philadelphia to meet in. Am I right or am I right?

It has to be said, though, that the modern-day hockey representatives of Philadelphia don't embody the heritage of William Penn and Benjamin Franklin extremely well. The Flyers are one of my least favorite hockey teams (I think I hate only the Rangers and the Red Wings more), and Philly sports fans in general are psychopathic Visigoths.

It doesn't help that the Flyers almost bloody always beat us, or that Mark Knuble scored a hat trick against the Anaheim Ducks a few nights ago. The Flyers are thugs on fire right now, and I am a little bit uneasy about tonight's game, especially since it seems the Czar won't be returning tonight. We CAN win, of course. If Kari can keep up his awesome recent performance we can humiliate the Flyers' shots on goal and rely on Hossa, Recchi, Koslov, and Perrin for scoring. I really have full confidence that Kari can shut down the Flyers; and perhaps more importantly, I think it's possible that Bobby Holik and company can break up their defenses and their attacks. So with or without the Czar we have a chance. I'm chomping at the bit.

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