Friday, February 8, 2008

Thoughts From Last Night...

It certainly appears Morty has taken last night's loss pretty hard. Don't get too down Mr. Peacock... we still have a long way to go.

Unfortuantly, I have this thing called a job. I have this job because I have this thing called a house payment. I had to work last night and missed the game so I feel as though I can't comment that much on it. I did see the replay of the last goal. Now, I love Kari as much as the next guy (OK, maybe not as much as Maal:). But I'm really big on NOT diving. It was Perrin's stick last night that hit Kari. And not very hard at that. Lehtonen thought it was the other player's stick and he went down like he was shot, trying to draw a call. Of course, the call never came and Kari was scored on while he was on his rear end.

This is unacceptable. Goalies are the most known for diving, but all players do it. Most times, if there is an infraction against you, they will call it. Keep your legs moving if you are being tripped. Don't throw your arms up in the air like you are trying to win a Golden Globe. The next time Kari gets bumped, he needs to keep his feet and not give up on the play. More times than not you will get the call anyway. Now, I'm not blaming the loss on Kari. Looking at the stats he must have played a pretty good game. Remember, we are only going to go as far as he takes us. Hopefully he can learn from this and move on.

The other thought I have about the game last night is how much the radio signal strength of the Atlanta Thrashers Radio Network SUCKS. I was in Athens and had about an hour and a half drive home and could only pick up the game for about 10 minutes as I passed through Gainesville. This is pretty sad. Kamal and Odgers do such a fine job they should make sure the signal strength is good for at least an hour all directions from Atlanta. Just a thought.


Unknown said...

Big shooter...yeah you missed a pretty good game. Very physical (then again...those Canucks are a bunch of goons). What they dont' understand is they think they can get away with cheap shots on Kovie...unfortunately two Canucks found out the hard way that Thorburn remembers who to go after and Boulton remembers who to go after...I like seein this team stick up for each other...I hadn't seen that all year.

As far as Kari is concerned he played a hell of a game. But Perrin missed an open net in the first 10 minutes of the game and that's what ultimately caused the difference.

Look forward to seeing more of your stuff...

check out a couple of my thrashers buddies at when you get a chance.

Mortimer Peacock said...

I have a job too you scoundrel.

Tiffany said...

Hee! I do love my goalie!

Sigh I can not comment as I was Kariblocked from the game by dish network. I STILL DON'T THINK HE DOVE THO. Kari's never ever been a diver. And he did have a welt on his chest from Perrsy's stick.... but I will leave room for you to be right!