Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Difference Between First and Third

Well, this sucks.

Then again, if we win tonight we're back in first, correct?

And on Friday the Capitals and the Hurricanes play EACH OTHER. I can't be sure, but that tells me at least one of them will lose. If the Thrashers defeat the Orca Army tonight, and the Hurricanes win tomorrow night, we'll be tied for first place again. If the Thrashers win tonight and the Caps win tomorrow, we get bumped to second. The Canes and the Thrashers both play on Saturday night (we against Tampa Bay and they against the Jersey Devils), and the Capitals play the Rangers on Sunday. Wouldn't it be nice to have a clear-cut first place team, provided that the clear-cut first place team is us?

My brain can't even compute how the Panthers will factor into all of this. I need to breathe into a paper bag.


Big Shooter said...

My head hurts. Lets just hope the Caps/Canes game does not go to OT.

Good news, we are first on the agenda for my meeting in Athens tonight. Bad news, it starts at 7 not 6. So if I make the game I'll be quite late.

Tiffany said...

Um. I was going to make a very profound and insightful statement. But them my brain leaked out of my ear from overthinking. So um... Go Thrashers!