Sunday, February 17, 2008

Heart Attack Game followed by Punching Hole in the Wall Game

I'll have to second Big Shooter's two posts about this weekend. The game against the Devils was probably the most exciting and dramatic of the year; I nearly had a heart attack during the shootout. Moose was wonderful, Kovalchuk looked like he was on the mend a bit (scoring a goal in regulation and in the shootout), Hossa played exceptionally well, etc. etc.

When Hossa scored to tie it up with roughly 18 seconds left in the game I screamed and threw a pillow across my apartment. I knocked some things over, but I don't think my neighbors were too disturbed. In fact, they probably weren't even home; since they don't have the beautiful disease of hockey addiction they were out enjoying a Friday night on the town like normal folk.

As for the game against the Islanders, I, uh, I....I'd rather not.

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