Thursday, February 24, 2011

Should Craig Ramsay Be Deposed?

Bold words from our comrade Rawhide:

After last night’s 4-1 loss in Buffalo, which followed a disastrous 5-3 loss to Edmonton last Saturday, Ramsay’s Thrashers have played to a record of 6-15-5 since December 20. In calendar year 2011, they have won exactly three times in regulation and for the month of February they are an abysmal 1-7-1.

Coaches get fired if those types of records come at the beginning of a season.


The next time we see Rick Dudley should be when he thanks Rammer for his service, wishes him nothing but the best, reminds us all that it wasn’t all his fault…then introduces the next head coach for the Atlanta Thrashers, John Torchetti.

Really wish that prospective owner would hurry up. This is what happens when you have the lowest payroll in world history.

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GoPuckYourself said...

John Torchetti's in charge of our ridiculously pourous defense. You really want to promote him based on the way this season's played out?

Sorry Rawhide, but I must disagree.