Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bogosian and Torchetti Not BFFs, Sez Bob McKenzie

McKenzie, vis-a-vis these Bogo trade rumors:

What's absolutely certain, regardless of who's right and who's wrong, is that there has been a fractious and counter-productive relationship between new Thrasher assistant coach John Torchetti and Bogosian and it may have festered too long before being addressed internally by the Thrashers.

Really? Did not know this.

But the whole dynamic between Torchetti and Bogosian has been much talked about in NHL circles. As soon as rival GMs saw Bogosian being a healthy scratch and played as a forward, they began investigating the circumstances and sensed an opportunity to perhaps extricate him from there. Hence, the growing crescendo of trade rumors.

Wait, what? When was Bogo played as a forward?


Jay said...

He played forward in one of the practices just before Enstrom got hurt. Kane, Modin,Slater, and I think maybe Ladd were hurt.

Jarndyce said...

Amateur hour...