Thursday, February 3, 2011

Game Day: Flames

If you'll recall, I posted a few weeks ago about the games to watch on the remainder of the schedule. Let's take a quick look at the highlighted games:

Canadiens- 3/1 and 3/29
Rangers- 1/22, 2/11, and 4/7
Hurricanes- 2/5, 2/13, 3/9, and 4/8

So far the Thrashers have played two of those games and have garnered only one point. Dropping 4-1 stinkers to the New York Islanders are also a great way to piss away a playoff berth, so if the guys are hoping to make early tee times in April, they're well on their way.

Here's hoping Calgary will head home after tonight's game with a couple brand new prospects and leave Jarome Iginla here to break in a new Thrashers sweater.

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