Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tales of Mystery and Wonder

The talk had veered round to runes and curses and witches, one bleak December evening, where a few of us sat warm in easy chairs round the cheery fire of the Billiards Club.

"Do you believe in witches?" one of us said to Jorkens.

"It isn't what I believe in that matters so much," said Jorkens; "only what I have seen."

- Lord Dunsany, "The Tales of Mr. Joseph Jorkens"

Two questions:

1. Of what strange genus is the Ilya Kovalchuk and where does it grow?


2. Is Johan Hedberg real or is he a wish-fulfillment hallucination of a moose?

P.S. Just how bad is the camera work on SportSouth?


GoPuckYourself said...

Dear Rich Peverley,

I saw your shootout move, and I started weeping. I wish I had the vision in the pocket that you had when you were taking your shot in the shootout.

God bless,
Tim Tebow

Mortimer Peacock said...

Tebow knows he'll never be the dispenser Ten Gallon Dick is. Weep weep weep...

j_barty_party said...

Remember, Ten Gallon Dick only requires one bullet in his gun to defeat his adversary.

And to all of the hockey IQ-deficient fans in Sawgrass / Sunrise / Weston / Davie / Coral Ghettos, I've got one word for ya:

"Vo-KOOOOOOUN!!!!" (sung to the goal celebration song by Blur).