Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Perspective, Please

Most people have reacted rationally to last night's nabbing of 1 point in an overtime loss. I'm proud to say our esteemed and award-winning commenters are among this fine, perceptive group (see here).

A small but vocal faction, however, won't shut the fuck up. Their ungrammatical whinging can be precisely summarized as, "Why didn't Kovy score, why didn't we win, our power play sucks forever, Kovy won't re-sign because we only got 1 point last night, the Andromeda Galaxy is hurtling towards us, etc."

Dudes. Calm down. 4-1-1 is a very good start. The Thrashers were sloppy and awkward as all hell last night, but our goalie nearly stole the whole game. Every now and then good teams don't show up to play but their goalie carries them to at least one point. The Thrashers will get their game--including their power play--back on track for the home-stand. For now let's be thankful that we have a goaltender who's capable of that kind of collective-ass-saving performance.

It wasn't just Pavelec, though. Our penalty kill continues to be phenomenal, and how many times in Thrashers history have you been able to say "Our goalie and our penalty kill saved the game" ? Hmm?


aaron said...

Montreal is snakebite central for Kovy. IIRC, during his interview on NHL Live yesterday, he mentioned that one of the things he likes about Atlanta is the lack of media madness.

I'll be keeping an eye on that Andromeda, tho. She's tricksy.

Daculafan said...

And the choir says "Amen"

h said...

Here here.

On another note, did anyone notice during the telecast that every time the announcers said that they talked to a Thrasher before the game, they discussed something about a past failure...classy.....I think with Hainsey it was a -3 on his first night as a Hab, with Pavs it was his loss in Juniors to Price (or something like that). Then when they discussed Kane they mentioned how Spacek (the old something or other) had his way with Kane on one rush, but when Kane came back and beat him silly, they say nothing.....whatever. I hate Canada.

A2B said...

So want a crazy stat? If you cound the last 19 games of last year at 12-6-1 and add this years totals to that for 25 games we are at 16-7-2 in our last 25 games. I think that should say enough to the direction of this team.

A2B said...

dammnit, its supposed to say count, not cound.

Mortimer Peacock said...

That IS an impressive stat.

Dear Thrashers,

I am impressed.

Mortimer J. Peacock

Razor Catch Prey said...

Morty, I thought your middle name was Hussein?