Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Game Day: That C'Be A Spooky Time

Who doesn't love a good scary pumpkin? Ah, Halloween and a Thrashers game day, all in one. One is a scary, horrifying time that after it's over leaves many small children and grown adults all curled up in a ball in the corner crying... and the other is Halloween. RIMSHOT!!!!!

Thank you, thank you. I know we all saw that one coming, but it was worth it anyway. Now, on to the game. Who is it we are playing anyway? Why, it's the Senators you say:

How about that Zach Bogosian and Evander Kane, heeennnggghh? How 'bout 'em? Heeeeennnnnggghhhh!!!! If we lose today that makes 5 in a row. I thought this was the team that was different. This was the team that was too deep to go on extended losing streaks. Come in Byron Young. Calling Byron Young. Mr. Young? How about that Slava Kozlov? He is a spooky guy that became undead last year... what better time to raise from the dead than Halloween? And how about Nik Holik.... uh, I mean Antropov. Let's use that 4 mil and get at least ONE goal in the first ten games.

Not trying to sound hard on the boys, but things can get away from you VERY quickly. I feel we are on that verge, and if certain guys don't start contributing the way they can, and SHOULD, then we are in for a long season. And if we are in for a long season, well you know what that means regarding a certain someones future. Don't make me say it. You know, if someone wasn't here.

That c'be a spooky time.

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