Friday, December 11, 2009

Road Trip From Hell


Also: It's beyond obvious that Kovalchuk is playing hurt.


- Via FanThrashtic, this thing from Kevin Allen at USA Today:

If you are an Atlanta fan hoping that the Thrashers can keep Ilya Kovalchuk, please note that no news is not necessarily bad news.
The Thrashers still have optimism that they can work out a contract extension. Although there has been much speculation about what is happening with Kovalchuk, here is the truth:

I'll leave it there to tantalize you. Follow the link for all kinds of juicy information.

- From the most recent installment of "Ask a Thrasher," this time with Maxim Afinogenov:

What sports do you like other than hockey?

AFINOGENOV: I love tennis. I like watching it and playing it. It's a great game and it's real tough to play. I really enjoy it.

Follow-up questions: How good are you?

AFINOGENOV: I can't say I'm good but I can hit and I can definitely play.

Have you ever played against Slava?

AFINOGENOV: We've play doubles a couple times and he was pretty good. I can say he's a good player. We need to play one-on-one to see who is better. We only played doubles and that doesn't count.

Who else played when you play doubles?

AFINOGENOV: He played with his son and I played with my girlfriend.

Is it true that your girlfriend is a good tennis player?

AFINOGENOV: Yes. She's number four in the world.


- The next installment of Ten Gallon Dick will be out later today. Keep it here.

- I think I've just stumbled across the greatest website of all time. A Wikipedia type thing about nothing but the Muppets.


j_barty_party said...

Wow, K-belle will LOVE that site!

Finny seems like quite the affable chap, doesn't he?

I asked the Russian restaurant question! I also posed the usual "if you were a sandwich..." question with a twist for Max. I asked him "if you were borsch, what would be in it?" Alas, they did not ask that but did you notice his answer about borsch!?

If Finny gets a hat-trick, all 6,456 in attendance should get a free bowl of borsch downtown at Nikolai's!!

krisabelle said...

Mortimer Grace Peacock! I can't believe you were previously unaware of the LEGENDARY Muppet Wiki!!

My fave Muppet is Sweetums. Just a little trivia for ya.