Monday, December 7, 2009

GAME DAY: Toronto Maple Leafs

Rumor has it that Carlton the Bear has been talking some serious trash about the Thrashers. He always was an abrasive Arctic creature.

The big mega-interesting news story surrounding this game, the first of the season between these two teams, is something to do with former Leafs Nik Antropov (who we signed this past summer under orders from Ilya Kovalchuk) and Pavel Kubina (for whom we hilariously traded Garnet Exelby). They will be booed.

Watch out for a sudden explosion in "So is Kovalchuk gonna re-sign? HMMMM? HEEENNGH?" stories in the regular Canadian press.

Go Thrashers.


Razor Catch Prey said...

I expect headlines tomorrow morning in various papers with the word "Sun" in the title to read like this: "Kovalchuk Travels with Thrashers to Toronto, Sparking Rumors He Wants to Sign with Leafs and/or Move Thrashers Franchise to Hamilton." The Hockey News will jump all over it and cite various anonymous sources who say "it's true, eh!"

After dropping two games to the Islanders, the Thrashers MUST pick up 2 points against the lowly (isn't it fun to say that about someone else instead of reading it about us?) Leafs tonight. To make the playoffs, you have to win the games that you should win and steal a few you shouldn't. Losing to basement dwellers and fellow bubble teams won't get it done.

December has often been a very poor month for Atlanta hockey. Let's hope that the team doesn't look at their record and slip into complacency this month only to ring in the new year out of the playoff race.

j_barty_party said...

Finally! A reliable internet connection from which I can, um, yeah, connect with friends and Thrashers fans alike!

Let the "real" vacation begin in earnest! We have finally arrived at our ultimate destination, gorgeous Longboat Key, FL! Pass the Bud Light! Woo hoo!

Morty et al, 'twas grand seeing you ute and aboot Friday evening before our trip. Who woulda thought bowling in Little Mexico could be so much fun!?

Almost as much fun as de-pantsing Carlton's bear trousers. Oh wait, he doesn't have any! Well then, almost as much fun as crushing the will of the deluded Maple Leafs fans of Toronto and elsewhere, eh?

Go Thrashers!!!

GoPuckYourself said...

What. The. Hell.

I stop studying to watch the Thrashers game, and we're getting owned 3-0 halfway through the 2nd?

Hope they come back and I can get laughed at for posting this, but right now, we look like crap. Dunno if it's the flu or what, but there's no way we should be down 3 to the f'n Leafs.

Mortimer Peacock said...

5-0 now. This is a fucking disgrace. A disgraceful disgrace, even.