Thursday, December 17, 2009

GAME DAY: Dallas Stars

If you read the preview for tonight's Stars vs. Thrashers game, you'll find this quote from a player:

"We have no consistency. We'd love to get a little streak going here. We still have six or seven games in December to turn it around."

One of your Atlanta Thrashers, right? No, wahahaha, FOOLED YOU, it's really Stars captain Brenden Morrow.

Basically the 09-10 Stars and the 09-10 Thrashers have a few things in common. Marc Crawford's hair isn't one of these.

We win tonight, we ascend to 5th place in the whole tarnation'd Eastern Conference. A fact.

Hmm? You want a game day photo or video? How about this one, of minor NHL internet star Alyonka Larionov (if you have eyes you don't need me to do the obligatory "OH YES SIR SHE'S SMOKIN'! YOWZER!" thing) and her sister (ditto) singing a festive Christmas song that exhorts us to remember the poor and the frost-bitten in the midst of our seasonal orgies.

You've already seen this posted at a thousand other blogs, but what is the hockey blogosphere if not a place where you can post and re-post random quotations, pictures, and videos from every other hockey website in existence, in between long stretches of banality and random anecdotes?

The video is much better with the YouTube sound turned completely off and some other song playing on iTunes or LaLa, like, I don't know, "Please Stop Dancing" by the Magnetic Fields.

And for today's "In Praise of..." section, I'd like to praise the enchanting Larionov sisters and just cold watch this mofo again:

Go Thrashers.


Anonymous said...

I'm really in the blogging community for the banality and random anecdotes. Hockey is like a side project.

Mortimer Peacock said...

Oh come on now, Mr. Recaps, you're one of the good guys. Your photoshops and charts are just splendid.

Daculafan said...

I blog because Chris Vivlamore won't hire me