Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Important Christmas Announcements

I know I promised some more "Ten Gallon Dick" today, but various errands and gift-wrapping operations that have to do with the upcoming pagan holiday will stall our hero until tomorrow. December 23rd always was the best time for a Ten Gallon Dick Christmas special, don't you think?

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j_barty_party said...

Morty - certainly no avid reader of yours will hold it against you if you work towards spreading some of your own Christmas cheer beyond the scope of this fine internet contraption. And I'm sure you have out of town guests to entertain as well so no one would blame you for taking a bit of a hiatus for the holiday season. Enjoy to the max and let your heart be filled with tidings of gladness and joy!!

Hark the Kovy Blueland sings! Glory to the Thrashers' king!