Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Game Day: Boston Bruins

How much more fun would their games be if they were the Boston 'Brew'ins? And yes, I know the Samuel Adams Brewery would have been more appropriate, but Guinness had a major fire this week, so they need some love.

With the Boston B's not living up to the expectations they built last season, this is an important matchup for positioning in the conference standings. This will be the 36th game of the season for each team. Going into tonight's contest, Atlanta has one more win than Boston, but the Bruins are one point ahead in the standings.

In the month of December, Atlanta has been stuck in neutral, going 4-6-1 while the Bruins have done marginally better at 4-3-2. This would be a good game for one of these teams to snap out of their holiday haze and start playing some hockey.

Expect Boris Valabik (if he's in the lineup) to try to make a statement by dropping the gloves against his idol Zdeno Chara. Expect Andy Brickley's Boston accent to annoy the hell out of you. And pray to God that the these commercials left with the Phil Kessel Run:


Razor Catch Prey said...

Is anybody still reading hockey blogs on the day before Christmas Eve? Or is everybody waiting for Morty to post the next scene of Ten Gallon Dick?

JuneyMoon said...

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