Thursday, December 10, 2009

G-G-G-G-G-G-GAME DAY: Vancouver Canucks

Pavel Bure is trying to concentrate

true story: this dude made the Czar want to play in the NHL

So the Thrashers have made it to the great city on the far western shore of the Beaver Kingdom, and tonight they'll play the resident hockey team.

Make that "the resident NHL team," because there is probably more than one hockey team in Vancouver. One of them, sources tell us, used to include a local gunslinger named Evander Kane. Today there's a very fine article in something called The Province all about Young Mr. Kane and his anticipation of playing NHL hockey in his hometown, in front of his friends and family and old Giants comrades, etc.

We here at TBC are still very far away from panic mode, though personally I can understand why some fans would be nervous right now. The fact is the Thrashers, Moose and perhaps a few others excepted, have blown badly in the last few games and really need to win. But it's common to lose more than 2 games in a row in this NHL, or so I hear. So no flipping out just yet.

Best of all, the layout of the planet Earth means that this game will start at 10:00 PM Atlanta time. I'll be staying up with cocktails.

P.S. More of "Ten Gallon Dick" later. Trying to space it out a bit so you wonderful folks don't get fatigued.


A2B said...

If anyone has seen Snatch before, that guy looks like Frankie Four Fingers... seriously

The Short Handed Mole said...

He does a bit.

Big Shooter said...

And the mole returns. I thought you were in sex rehab with Cheetah Woods...