Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Question of Lines

OK, so what do you think?

Is it going to be...









Amazingly, none of us have much influence over John Anderson's line combinations, but it's always fun to speculate. I really liked the Kovalchuk-Peverley chemistry when they were together, and a line of Kovy-Pevs-Little would be super-fast. Then again, as Ben Wright recently pointed out, Todd White is a 70-point-plus center who actually produced as many points as Jason Spezza did last season.

Another question, of course, is who plays at right wing on the top line. Regardless of who centers Kovalchuk, do you put Nik Antropov on the top line at right wing? Antropov would be an appealing big-dude-who-plays-down-low to help out Kovy, but then again, Kovy and Little were awesome together and can generally keep up with one another's speed and style of play.

Well, what do you kids think? What's it gonna be? HEEENNNGH?


A2B said...

I'm a fan of Antropov... Kovy asked for him personally, that should be enough there. We are trying to keep Kovy happy and giving him Antropov to clean up his rebounds will inflate his assists. I do agree the Little combo would be nice, but think of having two scoring lines rolling so the opposition can't just send their top D out on Kovy, they still have to worry about Kozzy and Little.

Jay said...

I say it's going to be Kovy-Peverley-Antropov to at least start the year. Kovalchuk recruited Antropov, so I think Anderson will give those two a try on the same line.