Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hockey Needs More Tasers

There really aren't enough of them. Perhaps it's because there are never drunken loud fans at hockey games.

Haw haw. It's just like in that movie, say the ultra-macho dipshits at the Sporting News:

...this gentleman, we'll call him Belligerent Santa, was clearly not happy about something going on at the A's game last night. (A YouTube commenter who claims to have been sitting near where the incident took place said it was a loud Texas fan who was yelling inappropriately and got angry when he was asked to quiet down. Judging from how few people were around him, that doesn't really sound like much of a stretch.) After what seemed like a decent amount of time trying to reason with Belligerent Santa, the jig was up, and like that scene from The Hangover, they had to unleash the full power of the Taser.

The high point of the video is obviously when he puts his thumb on his nose and does that thing 7-year-olds do where they wiggle their fingers. That'll show 'em!

Jocks love brutality until they see it in person. Final-stage-of-decay America's love for cops tasering people to "send a message" comes from a psychological source about which I dare not speculate.

Only a matter of time until this is standard procedure at sporting events. After all, nearly killing people by shooting high quantities of electricity into their bodies is so much easier than just kicking them out.


Razor Catch Prey said...

Please, September, come quickly so Morty has hockey to talk about again.

Mortimer Peacock said...

So is there any violent display of power you're against?

Big Shooter said...

Razor, did you actually watch the video? Sure the guy was drunk and out of line, but it certainly looked like the police officer behind him tased him just as he was putting his hands together to be cuffed.

If three officers can't throw a old drunk guy out of a baseball game without tasing him there is a
problem. DON'T TASE ME BRO!!!

Sarah said...

totally late to this, but as an Oaklander, I have only this to say: he's lucky they didn't shoot him. OPD don't play.

(Also, from what is coming out now, that guy was a real piece of work. Huge rap sheet, stints in mental health hospitals. This wasn't friendly gramps who had a few to many.)

Mortimer Peacock said...


Do you consider the OPD's lack of play a good thing?

Judging from the video I figured he was mentally ill in some way. Surely not a reason to taze him twice from behind and send him rolling down concrete stairs.

But, as with every other tasering incident, I guess he's lucky they didn't blow his brains out. Surely that's what they did to drunk sports fans before the invention of the taser.