Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blueland Chronicle Comment of the Day

Sarasvati, pure water. Sarasvati dressed in white, her face rubbed white with sandalwood paste. The brightness of a thousand moons. Sarasvati astride her swan. Sarasvati who never marries. Sarasvati seated on a white lotus, floating above the mud of the world.
pictured above: an actual photo of an actual awards ceremony

It's back, folks! For today, at least.

And today is as the grass, passingeth, etc.

Today's Comment Win of the Afternoon goes to Katharine Hepburn-esque many-time winner the Jointhead, for this gem about what Michael Vick ought to do with his life, in response to my questions about why you people hate democracy:

You forgot to add: come back as part of the bluecrew ( yes in bluecrew uniform!), and we get to throw footlong hot dogs at him during the second intermission. That would have got me voting.

Thank you, the Jointhead.


Big Shooter said...

I thought I was a lock for the comment of the day with my latest one, making fun of the editor.

Alas, my plan was a failure.

Mortimer Peacock said...

I'm all in favor of making fun of the editor, but "all the answers suck" isn't terribly witty or interesting.

Big Shooter said...

I's nayver sed I's witty n interestin.

the jointhead said...

The rangers walked away from Nikolai Zherdev leaving him a free agent. If only the Czar would use his super russian captain vodka powers to talk him out of taking a bazillion dollar KHL contract to come play for the boys in blue.

A2B said...

Ummmm, Zherdev doesn't want to play in mother Russia. About every news outlet has stated that. His agent says he is looking for an NHL team.