Monday, August 24, 2009

DW "Very Confident" About Kovy Contract

Via Vivlamore

"I feel very confident that at some point — I don’t know when that point will be — but at some point, we will get a contract done,"Waddell said. “I’m OK at this point because of the conversations we are having. If the conversations were broken off or argumentative, I would have a lot more concern."

That is what I call good news.


swegs said...

good indeed

Razor Catch Prey said...

Actually the most encouraging part of the article was the quote from Gearon about talking to Kovy at a Hawks game last year. He said Kovy had never sounded more optimistic about the team and that's when he specifically pointed out Nik Antropov as someone who could help us. Add to that what Grossman said about Kovy being so excited to start the season and his new offseason workout regimen, and I think you've got a picture of a player who is taking his Captaincy very seriously and wants to come in and help this team blow the doors off the rest of the league from the start.