Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Public Service Announcement, With Guitar (and by guitar I mean hockey links)

Still no hockey, but be warned Chronicle-ites! There is a specter haunting the American Internet: dorky libtard bloggers financed by a certain frightening Jewish gazillionaire and former pupil of Karl Popper! Watch this patriotic video and weep, like a flag-tattooed eagle, for our perishing republic!!!!11!!!!1!!!!

The horror, the horror...

Before America is destroyed by non-white bloggers with funny wigga-wallah-ching-chong-dirkah-dirkah names and their Jewish banker, enjoy the End Times with these edifying hockey items:

- Craig Custance on which 08-09 non-playoff teams have the best chance to make the playoff in 09-10. Agree, disagree, laugh, shout and rend your pantaloons, but READ. I myself don't see the Wild being so good, but as Bernard Shaw said, "You never fuckin' know, right?"

Oh yeah the Thrashers are on the list. HOMER!!!!!1!!!11!!1!! confirms what we've known for years: Johan Hedberg is the greatest shootout goalie of all time. The Moose Check gets 'em every time.

- A fine discussion about hockey blogs, print media, newspapers, blogs, traditional media, new media, blogs, social media, the Twitter, etc. starring Greg Wyshynski and some other people at Defending Big D.

My favorite part:

It seems that bloggers in general get lambasted in the main stream media for lack of credibility. However, there is great stuff going on in the world of blogs; writing, analysis and research that is far beyond the scope of anything ever done in the mainstream media by mainstream writers. Why is this seemingly ignored by traditional media, and the narrative still revolves around "underwear and mom's basement?" To some, this is groundbreaking work that is going on.

Wyshynski: It's getting there. Keep in mind that the initial relationship was adversarial: A lot of blogs were born to tell the local media how much they suck.


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