Thursday, April 9, 2009

Playoff Matchups

Here’s what we know for (almost) certain so far:

Boston will finish first in the East, the Caps will be second, and the Devils third. They’re too far apart at this point to overtake one another. Similarly out West, the Sharks are too far out in front of the Wings to be overtaken, and the Flames/Canucks are too far in back of Detroit as they battle it out to see who will get the 3rd cede and who will settle for the fifth.

That Calgary/Vancouver photo finish will determine who gets home ice against the certain-to-finish-sixth Blue Jackets, and who will start out on the road against the fourth place Blackhawks.

San Jose will play the 8th place team and Detroit will take on 7th. Who finishes in those lower slots will depend on the play of Anaheim, St. Louis, and Nashville over their last two games.

Boston and Washington, as the 1 and 2 cedes in the East will have to wait and watch Montreal, the Rangers, and the Panthers’ final two games to see which of the three they will have to face. The Devils are ready to welcome the Pens in Newark for the first round, and Philly and the Canes are set for a collision but each have the chance in these last two games to secure home ice against their opponent.

So here is your playoff bracket as far as we know it:

Boston vs. NYR, Mon, or Fla
Caps vs. Mon or NYR
Devils vs. Pens
Flyers vs. Canes (home ice undecided)

Sharks vs. Blues, Ducks, or Preds
Wings vs. Ducks, Blues, or Preds
Calgary or Vancouver vs. Jackets
Blackhawks vs. Vancouver or Calgary

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