Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Who Has The Best Logo?

Let me state up front that this is a direct rip off of The Hockey News post ranking the ECHL logos. Can you tell it is August yet? I'm sure I'll get flamed for some of this, but nonetheless, here is my list:

1) Chicago Blackhawks - You just can't beat a good old fashion logo. Widely considered one of the best in the league.

2)Toronto Maple Leafs - You will probably see a pattern here. I've always loved the simple blue leaf. Simple, many times, is better.

3)Calgary Flames - One of the best. Gotta love the old Atlanta Flames logo they use for assistant captains.

4)Phoenix Coyotes - Much improved over their original logo.

5)Montreal Canadians - Perhaps the only thing I like about this team.

6)St. Louis Blues - Didn't Ray Ferraro look great in this sweater? Has always been one of my favorites.

7)Vancouver Canucks - I LOVE THE ORCA WHALE!!!!!

8)Colorado Avalanche - One of the best primary logos along with one of the worst secondary logos.

9)Edmonton Oilers - Perhaps a little biased here.

10) Atlanta Thrashers - And here as well.

11)Boston Bruins - See Colorado Avalanche.

12) Detriot Redwings - I hate them, but not a bad logo.

13) New York Rangers - This rounds out the original six.

14)Minnesota Wild - I was curious how they would pull this logo off, but I think they did a very nice job with the name they had to work with.

15)LA Kings - MUCH better than the Chevy logo in my humble opinion.

16)Tampa Bay Lightning - What else could they have done?

17)Pittsburgh Penguins - A little goofy, but who doesn't love a skating penguin?

18)New Jersey Devils - Plain and boring, just like their style of play.

19)San Jose Sharks - I kind of liked their logo until this year. They only made some minor changes, but somehow they lost me. Sorry Morty.

20)Dallas Stars - Eh.

21)Florida Panthers - Great Tiger says "could have done better with logo".

22)Carolina Hurricanes - I get dizzy when I look at this.

23)Washington Capitals - For some strange reason I think this looks good on a sweater, but don't like it on its own. Don't even bother, I know I'm weird.

24)Anaheim Ducks - Daffy would have been just fine with me.

25)Ottawa Senators - I'm sorry, they play in Canada's capital city, not in Rome.

26)Nashville Predators - For the love of God please go see a dentist.

27)Philadelphia Flyers - I've never really been sure what was going on here.

28)New York Islanders - Poor team, even their logo sucks.

29)Columbus Blue Jackets - WTF?

30)Buffalo Sabers - Holy Crap!!! I'm truly at a loss for words.

For The Blueland Chronicle, I'm Big Shooter.


Rawhide said...

The Buffalo Sabres?? I mean, honestly...who puts a banana peal on their hockey jersey for a logo?

Big Shooter said...

I know Rawhide! Their old jersey was classic. If it aint broke don't fix it I say.

Very nice write up about Skip by the way.

Telephone Thing said...

I agree about the Caps home jersey; I don't think it's that great. Their away jersey, on the other hand, is sex on nylon.

Razor Catch Prey said...

Razor's rating of secondary logos:

1) Washington Capitals- This was brilliance. Should have been their new primary logo. The outline of the Capital Dome within the eagle was a stroke of genius.

2) Calgary Flames- I was on the fence about the horse head for a while, but I have just decided that I absolutely love it. Why? Because it looks like one of the horses from the Johnny Cash song “Ghost Riders in the Sky.”

3) LA Kings- Brilliant. A royal lion in the style of a royal family crest. This looks like it was taken from the heraldry of Robert the Bruce himself.

4) Carolina Hurricanes- Their primary logo looks like a target, especially when Scott Stevens is on the ice looking for Ron Francis. The secondary logo, however, with a hockey stick holding up a tattered hurricane warning flag is excellent.

5) Atlanta Thrashers- I know there is a lot of enmity out there about the “batman” logo, but I have always liked it. It’s hard to come up with something menacing from a cute little brown bird that barely even has talons.

6) Chicago Blackhawks- Another great classic. And it probably pisses off Jane Fonda, which is even better. I don’t know if ‘Hawks fans do the chop, but if the Chronicle staff gets to go to the Winter Classic at Wrigley, we certainly will.

7) Columbus Blue Jackets- Their primary logo is infuriatingly blatant copyright infringement. And they turned Buzz green and dressed him in a damned Union uniforn! But the secondary logo with the totally unique Ohio flag is a good touch. By the way, Atlanta will be unveiling our new secondary logo next year, which will feature a blue version of Brutus the Buckeye wearing a cowboy hat and confederate uniform.

8) Dallas Stars- What can I say? I hate the Stars. But I love Texas. Anything with the beautiful map of Texas on it gets my vote.

9) New York Rangers- Lady Liberty. Where else could you go with this one?

10) Boston Bruins- The bear head is classic. Your secondary logo doesn’t need to be simple like the primary one, but does need to be identifiable from the smaller patch on a sleeve (even though the RBK jerseys have mostly eliminated those).

11) Edmonton Oilers- Ok, I like it, but what the hell is it? An oil drop riding on a UFO? Is it supposed to be a tribute to all the Alberta oil workers who have been abducted and probed?

12) Buffalo Sabres- I really like the “B” with a saber stuck through the lower loop. However, they also use the old white buffalo with crossed swords logo as a secondary sometimes, and I’ve never been a fan of that. I know everyone else loves it, but I’ve never been one to favor nostalgic logos and jerseys if they’re ugly. Some traditions deserved to die.

13) Phoenix Coyotes- It’s basically the same thing as the Stars’ secondary logo, and goes a little farther with the setting sun. But it doesn’t get as many points because it’s Arizona, not Texas.

14) Ottawa Senators- It looks like the label from a bottle of vodka.

15) Colorado Avalanche- A foot. Great, guys. You don’t see Dallas players skating around with an ass on their shoulders, do you? Wait…

16) San Jose Sharks- I guess they had to use a shark fin emerging from the waves for something. Personally I’d rather see them have remote controlled shark fins that they could drive around the ice during pre-game.

17) St. Louis Blues- Wow, all you can do is rip off the Kalamazoo Wings?

18) New York Islanders- The lighthouse is the best thing about their franchise. But that ain’t saying much.

19) Nashville Predators- It looks like somebody with dyslexia was trying to draw the old Minnesota North Stars logo.

20) Pittsburgh Penguins- Bah. It’s just the Max Hedroom logo from the 80’s and ‘90’s.

21) Toronto Maple Leafs- It’s a little cheap to keep your old logo as your secondary logo when you really haven’t changed it very much, but it’s still one of the better ones around

22) Detroit Red Wings- I agree that their primary logo is one of the best, despite the fact that the sight of it always brings bile to my throat. However, they must have put all their secondary-logo-creating budget into scouting or coaching or some other overrated aspect of the franchise, because all they’ve got is a “D”. Oh, and it’s red. Damn them, but if the Red Wings adopt either the first or second one of these logos, they will jump to the top of the list.

23) Anaheim Ducks- They don’t even have a secondary logo, but that is better than accosting our eyes like the ‘Nucks or phoning it in like #25-30.

24) Vancouver Canucks- As my father used to say, gag me with a smurf. Which is exactly the image this ‘70’s era logo invokes.

25-30) Florida Panthers- They tried to keep it simple and symbolic, but went wrong somewhere along the way. A palm tree crossed with a hockey stick just looks like an ad for a roller hockey tournament.

Minnesota Wild- Another team who just didn’t have it in them to come up with two decent logos. The primary was very creative and worked well. But when your secondary logo is just your team name in an unusual font, somebody dropped the ball.

Montreal Canadiens- See Minnesota Wild.

New Jersey Devils- Ok, I didn’t really expect anyone in New Jersey to be able to come up with anything better than Minnesota or Montreal. Their primary logo, however, is near the top of my list, with the simple but creative melding of lettering and symbolism.

Philadelphia Flyers- Their fans boo Santa Claus, and they have the nerve to have a “secondary logo” consisting of their name in orange. Brave.

Tampa Bay Lightning- Another basement-dweller with the team name as a secondary logo. Have to expect their new Hollywood image to include an upgrade here.

Anonymous said...

I also agree with most of your thoughts on the logos:

Toronto one of the best for its simplicity, and the artwork itself just screams hockey. I think more teams should go for a style like this.

Florida panthers looks too much like a football logo and when I think of football I throw up in my mouth a little bit.