Friday, August 29, 2008

Early thoughts on nicknames

Some old, some new, some ridiculous.

The current crop:

Ilya "The Czar" Kovalchuck (Of course)
"The Late" Slava Kozlov (To be Lazaruslov if he comes back to life this year)
Jimmy "The Tulip" Slater (see The Whole Nine Yards)
Eric "JP" Perrin (Because we didn't want to learn his name after taking JPVJ's number)
Ron "Mr. Hankey" Hainsey (Hainsey just kind of sounds like Hankey)
Tobi Keith Enstrom
Zach "Bogo the Bull/Bogo the Bogosian; Bogo the destructor" Bogosian (see Ghostbusters)
Kari "Squirrel" Lehtonen (Sorry, Kari, but your nickname is dependent on your backup goalie)

Some old favorites:

Serge "Everybody Wins!" Aubin
Peter "Bonsai" Bondra
Andrew "Bruno" Brunette
Kelly "Bucky" Buchburger
"Big" Greg DeVries
Hnat "Dahmer" Dominicheli
Sean "SEAN!!!!!!" Donovan
Pascal "Little Kovy" Dupuis
Ray "Chicken Parm" Ferraro
Maxim "Magazine" Galanov
Darcy "Chucky" Hordichuck
Tony Hrkac "Circus"
Chris "Not Curtis" Joseph
Andreas "The Swedish Porn Star" Karlson
Norm "Double Cheeseburger" Maracle
Shawn "Captain America" McEchern
Rumun "Nder's Game" Nder
Jeff "The Sherrif" Odgers
Ron "Pedro" Petrovicky
Pascal "Manon's Brother" Reheume
"Poor" Jiri Slegr
Steve "The Bruise" Staios
Mike "Whitey" Stapleton
Patrik "Patty/Stephanie" Stefan
Per "The Fartman" Svardtvadet
Dean "Dino" Sylvester
Chris "Sarge" Tamer
Steve "Been Out Skatin' The River" Weeks
"What does" Zhitnik Shmelik?

Even older favorites:

Stan "The Captain" Drulia
Norman "The Rock" Rochefort
Steve "Mushy" Larousche
Jeff "Bucky" Buchanan

And last but certainly strangest:

Ukulele Yannick and his Yo Yo's of Mystery


Big Shooter said...

Genius, pure genius.

Sadly, Anonymous won't get some of these nicknames because they are inside jokes.

We should try to make this thing idiot proof.

Mortimer Peacock said...


Rawhide said...

Arturs "Woulda" Kulda

Big Shooter said...

Nice one Rawhide!

Mortimer Peacock said...

I always thought of Hossa as "The Professor." If Kozlov recovers next season he should become Field Marshall Lazaruslov to Czar Ilya.

The Falconer said...

Per should be "Commando" :)

Razor Catch Prey said...

Commando? Did Per Svartdvadet regularly play without underwear?