Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Popovic To Russia

Mark Popovic is going over to Russia to play. Apparently all the deals he had from the NHL were two way deals, and I guess he just wanted to get right in it, and he's getting paid $1 million. I'd go to Russia for $1 Million for one year.

Also in other Hockey news, USA Today announced its preseason rankings. Surprise, surprise we didn't make the top 16, which is all he ranked. Oh well, by this point I just don't care about what writers say. This guy did put the Lightning, Sabres, and Senators above the Blackhawks. I just don't know. In my mind, I see such grand things for those youngins from Chi-Town. Oh well, power rankings........what are you going to do?

Also, no offense to anyone, and I mean anyone. I just can't think about football right now.

Also did anyone check out the trade value rankings? Interesting stuff. My top trade guy was #39, Dustin Brown. That boy is a bargain in my opinion. I'd be happy if we could get him. 23-years-old improving each year with 60 points last season.


Mortimer Peacock said...

Brown would be class.

That is all.

Maali said...

Hey where'd you hear about Pops?