Friday, August 8, 2008

Custance Commits Blasphemy

Fact #1: Puck Daddy proves himself to be truly class by allowing Our Craig to guest-write at his esteemed blog. 

Fact #2: Our Craig is a funny man. The True North's small faction of irony-impaired are already furious with item 1 on his list of ways he'd change the NHL. 

Fact #3: I want press credentials now. 

Fact #4: I want the NHL to expand to Europe so I can take advantage of said press credentials. 

Fact #5: Puck Daddy has done his research. Craig is definitely a cult hero round these parts. 


Rawhide said...

Damn! Even from the link on your site I cannot see ANYTHING except Erin Andrews!

Maybe it's just me....

Razor Catch Prey said...

No, Rawhide, it's not just you. Firing her was the worst move this franchise has ever made.