Friday, August 22, 2008

Off Topic: Pro Football

I have been mourning Brett Favre ever since I heard the awful news. At least he didn't go suddenly. We saw it coming for several weeks. Both Favre and the Packers are to blame. On one hand, even Brett Favre can't keep jerking a team around about whether or not he is going to retire. But on the other hand, how can any team possibly do anything but accommodate even the flightiest behavior from BRETT FAVRE!?!?!?

Alas. Since my mind cannot wrap itself around Brett Favre playing for the New York Jets, he is dead to me, and now I must seek to fill the void that has been left by this icon.

Luckily, a new Brett Favre is already in the league and ready to accept the devotion that was previously very deservedly heaped upon Brett Favre. From hence forth, the title of Real-Man Quarterback will be held by Big Ben Roethlisberger. If you have any doubt whatsoever that he deserves to be the next Favre, go read the Maxim article about him linked at the bottom of this post.

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