Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What Does Bruce Levenson Want?

The Atlanta Spirit are trying to sell the Thrashers. You know this. What no one is quite certain about is whether they're trying to sell the entire package of the Hawks plus the Thrashers plus Philips Arena OR just unload the Thrashers like an unloved, disused VHS copy of 101 Dalmatians. Your Chronicle, like you, has heard conflicting tales. All your Chronicle knows for sure is the secret identity of one (1) of the prospective buyers. Whatever it is he's (yes, it's a he; sorry to spoil International Women's Day, wimmins!) interested in buying. We hear it's the whole package.

There's not much in today's Craig Custance report---which is based on an interview with Bruce Levenson---that contradicts the recent reports of John Kincade or Chris Vivlamore. Just Levenson's assertion that the Spirit are trying to sell the Thrashers alone. That detail, incidentally, jibes with that New York Post report from long ago.

Another important detail to consider: Levenson is a known liar, so everything he says should be taken with a grain of salt.

What does this mean? We don't know, but we do know that Queens of the Stone Age finally re-released their long out-of-print first record, fuck yeah and hooray!*

*Also: Levenson is lying. How gullible do you have to be to take what he says at face value?

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