Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Game Day: Habs

Yes, I know that's not Quebec, you know that's not Quebec, but les Quebecois don't know that's not Quebec.

Brent Sopel returns to Atlanta tonight after his whirlwind tour of Montreal's jazz clubs and strip joints this past week. He may get the opportunity to face Ben Maxwell, the player for whom he was traded, as the latter has been called up and may make his debut tonight in Philips Arena.

Radek Dvorak should be in the lineup, taking Freddie Modin's place on the 3rd line. Hopefully he will not also be taking Modin's place as "guy we can't wait to get off the ice." Dvorak should help our penalty kill with his speed and defensive responsibility. Think of him as a European Marty Reasoner.

No word as of yet whether Robbie Schremp will be with Atlanta or will report to the Wolves to start his career with the Thrashers' organization. Considering our penchant for making it to shootouts and losing, I would vote to have him up here as soon as possible.


Rob Schremp, Radek Dvorak and Ben Maxwell appear to all be in the lineup tonight, judging from tweets from Ben Wright and Dan Kamal today. Schremp will be wearing #13 previously donned by the Late Slava Kozlov and Patrick-first-overall-pick-Stefan. Maxwell is wearing #49, and Radek Dvorak will be honoring Jeff Odgers by sporting #20.


kristen said...

LOVE: "Think of him as a European Marty Reasoner." Looking forward v. much to tonight's game! Voulez-vous faire du hockey avec moi, c'est soir? Free yo lady Marmalaaaaaaaaaade!

Nicolas Sarkozy said...

Kind blogging sir, I thoroughly enjoyed your jab at les Quebecois. Perhaps one of the funniest things I've read in quite some time. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter and perhaps even meet you in person to shake your hand.

Carla Bruni said...

Where can I locate this blog's main editor, Monsieur Peacock? I've become convinced that he is the only paramour for me.

Nicolas Sarkozy said...

Now, now Carla.

Jean-Paul Sartre said...

L'homme est condamné à être libre.

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