Friday, March 11, 2011

GAME DAY: Devils

Tonight, Ilya Kovalchuk, Mike Krzyzewski and the New Jersey Blue Devils come to town. This means that drunk and bitter Thrasher fans will boo our former Fearless Leader, which continues to make no sense to me. As much as living in New Jersey can't be much better than living in, say, Winnipeg or Kansas City, I'd move there for $10-12 million a year myself.

Anyways, New Jersey has won 45 games in a row coming into tonight's game, mainly due to the goaltending of 2010 Veizna Trophy winner Johan "Moose" Hedberg. The Paul Postma-Era Atlanta Thrashers are coming into tonight's game riding the first back-to-back wins that this team has seen in 2011. Also, the Thrashers hopes should be bolstered by reports that budding NHL SuperDefenseman Zach Bogosian found a lucky penny at the mall yesterday. No reports as of yet as to whether it was a regular penny or merely a commemorative penny, but I'll keep my eyes on Twitter and make sure to update you, the loyal TBC readers.

Also, Jacques Martin is the exception to the rule of all teams with "Devils" in the nickname having tyrannical and polarizing coaches. Duke has that Mike guy I already mentioned once, Manchester United has Sir Alex Ferguson, and Jacques Martin just kinda comes across as a limo driver who somehow found himself on the bench, but knows more than he's letting on.

So let Mr. Gayfish himself tell you a thing or two about Devils. Happy Friday, folks.

Go Thrashers? Since Georgia Tech's out and baseball hasn't started yet, sure, what the hell.

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