Thursday, March 31, 2011


(updated below)

Fun Fact: There are currently six (6) 20-plus goal-scorers on the Flyers roster. Two of these gents (Danny Briere and Jeff Carter) go a step farther and have decided to be 30-plus.

Fun Speculation: The Flyers will end the season with a roster that includes eight (8) 20-plus goal-scorers, as Ville Leino and James van Riemsdyk both have 19 at the moment. Tonight is as good an opportunity as any for them to hit the 20 mark.

While We're Speaking of Ville Leino: He's one of five (5) Flyers players who have 50 points or more.

If the Thrashers lose tonight, mathematics will confirm what we know already and (surprise!) the Thrashers won't make the playoffs (again). Apparently this is all the fault of whoever gave Jimmy Slater a concussion, because Jimmy Slater is the only thing standing between us and a losing season.

UPDATE: Haw haw haw, WHUT?


GoPuckYourself said...

We're playing tonight?


Hey did that guy buy the team yet?



Jay said...

Jim Slater = MVP

Who knew?

Razor Catch Prey said...


I knew. Jimmy would be our captain if he got more ice time and Rick Dudley didn't get veto power over the decision.

Jimmy's all out effort every time he steps on the ice spurs the team even though he doesn't light the lamp very often.

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