Wednesday, March 9, 2011

GAME DAY: Hawks-Lightni...erm, Thrashers-Canes

So tonight the Thrashers are in Carolina to procure seats to the NCAA Tournament East Regional Finals from Coach K and/or Roy Williams, as well as to lose to the Hurricanes in Raleigh. Without Big Buff on the blueline, that leaves nobody on our team who can play defense, score goals, or even do one of those 2 things correctly. So to say I'm optimistic about tonight's game would be like Jim Tressel saying he doesn't know who to send emails about his players to. Anyways, the Canes have something to play for, and apparently the Thrashers are locking in those sick vacation deals in the Gulf for the end of April/early May. Roadtrip with Chris Thorburn and Detlef Shremp? Don't mind if I do! Also, maybe it's time we start looking at NHL draft projections, cause we're almost certain to end up in the top 5 again. How dare some people say this team isn't consistent!

However, should you find yourself sick of watching our awful brand of puck-slapping this evening, you'll find there's actually good games to watch tonight between teams who still have everything to play for. Kings-Red Wings and Hawks-Lightning, namely. Perhaps you should find yourself in a place showing both of these games or flip back and forth on Center Ice, as I plan to do.

Enjoy your rainy Wednesday and the games to come this evening. On that note, here's a video of a space shuttle taking off, as seen from a commercial airplane. Consider the Thrashers the guy watching from the airplane, and the space shuttle to be seemingly every other team in the Eastern Conference.

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Mortimer Peacock said...

Where can I find more information about this Chris Thorburn road trip?

Also: that video is the perfect encapsulation of everything about the Thrashers' missing-the-playoffs history.

"Can you see it?"