Wednesday, March 16, 2011

No Goal? No Playoffs

With the decision to overturn Evander Kane's game-tying deflection last night, the Thrashers wound up giving up an Ilya Kovalchuk empty net goal and losing to New Jersey 4-2. Despite what The Spin Doctor over at the Blueland Blog would like you to believe, this has to be the finishing move to the Thrashers' chances of making the playoffs. Certain people, like Big Shooter, would have you believe that our playoff chances ended somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd period on October 8, 2010. However, I allowed myself, like most of you, to think that maybe this March would be different. That the Thrashers would finally succeed in their push to the playoffs. It's the only reason to come back every year and cheer for this typically sorry sack of pucks that is our hockey club.

Now, my attention will be solely on the ASG ownership sale, John Kincade's Twitter feed, and who Georgia Tech's hiring to be the new basketball coach.

So since there's little left to play for in Blueland, let's all go to the Flyers game tomorrow and have a pint or ten, shall we?

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