Sunday, March 13, 2011

March Madness in Bleuland

In case you missed it because you have a life, the Thrashers came back from 3-0 & 4-2 deficits last night to win a 5-4 overtime thriller in Philadelphia. Ron Hainsey (or "The Mane from Massachusetts" as I've affectionately dubbed him) put home the game winning deflection from the slot, getting involved in an OT winner. Anytime that fans in Philly go home losers, I'm thrilled. However, most pundits seem to believe that this is the beginning of a late season "push" for the playoffs for your boys in Blueland. I'm pessimistic about any sort of push because of two reasons

1) This is the Thrashers.
2) The Thrashers don't make the playoffs ever.

What do you think? Are we about to go on a New Jersey-esque run through opposing teams, wreaking havoc on goaltenders and scoreboards alike? Or is this just a great comeback in Philly and much ado about nothing? Sound off, children.


Anonymous said...

FACT: since getting the second game winning goal of his career this season, Ron Hainsey has been strutting around the locker room telling Dustin Bufuglien that he better "watch out" for competition for the Norris trophy.

TBC, you have email.

Razor Catch Prey said...

While I think the team MAY have a run in them, it's too little, too late. When you have to jump three other teams to make it in with only 13 games left on the schedule, the odds are not in your favor.

Has anybody heard an update on Byfuglien?

A2B said...

Cue the run, but I say we fall 2 points short or lose a tie breaker because we can't win in regulation.